Botanical Designs Exterior department provides a wide range of horticultural services to commercial properties throughout the greater Seattle and Bellevue area. Our department consists of three divisions: Design, Installation, and Maintenance. All three teams work closely to ensure consistent service, high-quality exterior landscaping, and lasting results.

Our designers approach commercial landscape design with the philosophy of “right plant, right place”. Utilizing a wide palette of native and regionally appropriate plants, our outdoor designs take into account visual characteristics, plant longevity, and increasingly finite water resources. Regardless of scope or scale, our design team brings a wealth of horticultural knowledge to any project. Whether it is a seasonal color display or a complete exterior landscaping renovation, our designers strive to create a thoughtful and sustainable planting scheme.

Our talented installation team helps bring our designers’ visions to reality. Utilizing best planting practices, we transform spaces, even in highly sensitive and difficult areas. Our installation team performs all seasonal color change-outs, exterior landscape renovations, and aids in executing many large-scale, detailed ornament displays during the holiday season.

Our maintenance team provides year-round service and monitoring to all Botanical Designs accounts. Our goal is to go beyond the ‘mow, blow and go” level of exterior landscaping maintenance by providing seasonally appropriate treatment to all exterior landscapes in our care. Correct timing of pruning, fertilization, watering, etc. greatly increases the longevity of all plantings and adds value by extending the life of our commercial landscapes. The great majority of our shrub and tree pruning projects are done using hand tools. When power equipment is utilized, our team uses tools that receive regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure that they are as environmentally sensitive as possible. Even with the best design and maintenance practices, unwanted landscape pests and/or diseases can occur. Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program utilizes physical remedies first, such as targeted pruning and a focus on improving plant vigor. If necessary, we progress to the use of organic/non-toxic applied treatments.