Botanical Designs Floral department specializes in commercial and office floral arrangements throughout the greater Seattle and Bellevue area. We design, install, and maintain high-quality, hand-selected floral arrangements and orchids in eye-catching vases and containers, all customized to your commercial space and budget.

Our designers walk through your business with you to capture the true character of your commercial space. We meet with you to discuss aesthetic preferences for a truly open collaboration. Our catalog of concept images allows you to explore thematic ideas and define the perfect direction for your indoor flower display. After installation, we encourage your feedback to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the size, color, and bouquet of your floral arrangement.

Our installation and ongoing maintenance are quick, clean, and quiet. We seamlessly rotate and water your flowers or orchids so that your office floral arrangements are always fresh and vibrant.

Botanical Designs also offers plant rentals, specialty orchid centerpieces, and flower arrangements for corporate events or special events hosted on your commercial property. We supply many types of short-term floral arrangements for various special events. Contact Botanical Designs to learn more about our commercial floral design and office floral arrangements.