Botanical Designs Holiday department specializes in custom holiday displays for commercial spaces, large and small. We design and install one-of-a-kind holiday displays in businesses throughout the greater Seattle and Bellevue area. Our innovative designs can complement a grand hotel ballroom or spice up the most minimal office lobby with the festive energy of the holiday season.

Our designers visit your space to meet with you and collaborate on your choice of holiday décor. We offer a catalog of base themes, traditional and contemporary, as a guide to our extensive ornaments, trees, wreaths, and other materials.

Our commercial holiday installations are quick, clean, and quiet. Because of the limited pre-holiday timeframe, we are available day and night. We even work with property managers to install holiday displays during off-hours. After the holidays, we take down your décor efficiently, leaving your commercial space as orderly as before the holiday season began.

We guarantee your holiday decorations, such as lights, live plants, and poinsettias, will maintain their integrity throughout the holiday season. Any necessary reparations are made in 1-3 business days. Our excellent customer service, quality assurance, and eco-friendly methods are evident in our substantial ongoing client list. Contact us to learn more about our holiday decorations and services.