Botanical Designs Interior plant services department designs, installs, and maintains indoor plants for Seattle’s premier office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, and businesses. While working with Botanical Designs professional plant services, you are guaranteed high-impact interior plant designs that are carefully maintained and serviced to ensure that your space always looks its best.

We begin with an onsite visit. Our designers walk through your commercial space with you and listen to your needs and ideas for a collaborative design. We work with you to select the most suitable interior plants for your light conditions and site requirements. Our proposals include images that illustrate how different plant options will look in your space. Once you decide on a design, we make a quick, non-disruptive installation. Our indoor plant installation team is flexible to your schedule and guarantees that your business remains clean and orderly throughout the process. Our professional plant designers are also available to upgrade your existing interior plant design or provide replica alternatives to live plants.

When your interior plants are installed, Botanical Designs account managers make regular quality assurance visits to ensure that the plant installation is always fresh and aesthetically pleasing. Our trained service technicians are courteous and detail-oriented when they water, prune, fertilize, and clean your interior plants. Our plant service technicians care for accounts on a regular schedule, so that they get to know the plants, as well as our customers. We offer special maintenance services, performed during specific hours, for cleaning and spraying of larger plants or trees. Botanical Designs practices environmentally sensitive integrated pest management (IPM), and our standard warranty protects your business’ horticultural investment.

Botanical Designs is proactive and guarantees smooth communication and a fast turnaround on all customer requests. Our goal is first-class professional plant services and customer satisfaction. Our commercial plant installations appear throughout the greater Seattle and Bellevue area in office spaces, large atriums, class A buildings, shopping malls, corporate campuses, main lobbies, reception areas, conference centers, and more.